Patrick Wiullett, artist
Patrick Willett, Painter, Artist, based in western new york, patrick willett is a landscape painter, photographer and draftsman, fine Art, watercolorist, watercolor paintings, watercolour, landscapes, nature, industrial, urban,pen and ink drawings, architectural renderings, landscape photography, environmental photography, paintings, art gallery, albright knox, burchfield penny, western new york, new york city, toronto, buffalo
Rust Silos
ink, watercolor and graphite on paper

"Willett’s work reflects his lifelong fascination with nature and man’s place in relationship to it—that old theme of Homer, Melville and Burchfield.
Willett brings a decidedly traditional approach to these considerations in his paintings of burning churches and telephone poles set against swirling twilight skies."
-The Buffalo News

"Through use of dynamic, organic line work, striking light, and colors that explore both vibrancy and subtly, Willett captures and conveys energy in a uniquely expressive way"

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