Patrick Wiullett, artist
Patrick Willett, Painter, Artist, based in western new york, patrick willett is a landscape painter, photographer and draftsman, fine Art, watercolorist, watercolor paintings, watercolour, landscapes, nature, industrial, urban,pen and ink drawings, architectural renderings, landscape photography, environmental photography, paintings, art gallery, albright knox, burchfield penny, western new york, new york city, toronto, buffalo
ink, watercolor and graphite on paper
Patrick Willett is a self taught visual artist based in Buffalo, Western New York, Patrick's work includes paintings, drawings and photography

"Willett's light touch and sure sense of placement hold these images in the imagination like film stills as if in anticipation of accompanying subtitles or sound track."

"Watercolor is a medium easily overwrought. Willett's relaxed practiced brush leaves traces of page white in strokes gathered in light wisps and bold flares
of color pulling the viewer into each scene with a rush of acceleration transiting into an existential distance beyond."
- J. Tim Raymond for Artvoice

"The wings of Willett's ancient cicada are filled with ancient references, a fact that imbues this painting with a kind of comforting heft.
It's at once classically beautiful and freighted with ancient meaning -- just like a the cicada itself."

---Colin Dabkowski for the Buffalo News

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